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Luxy® Hair  - Euphoria Hairstyles
Easy Hairstyles

Euphoria Hairstyles

If you’re on social media, it's more than likely the characters of Euphoria have graced your Instagram feed.  If you’re not familiar with this hit show, here’s the rundown: there’s a group of angsty teens in suburbia dealing with their own personal demons (whether it's a drug addiction or taboo sexual desires) while serving incredibly moody and colorful visuals that’s sure to keep you glued to the screen. Oh and how can we forget, there’s also iconic outfits, breathtaking makeup looks and hairstyles. 

Euphoria clearly takes its inspiration from the 90s and the recent Y2K revival but with a modern twist that feels fresh and of the moment. If you’re looking to recreate the iconic Euphoria hairstyles, or simply looking for on-trend inspiration, these looks will help guide the way. 

Maddy’s Euphoria Hair Looks

Bedazzled Hair 

Maddy’s rhinestone makeup and hair look definitely sets her apart as the coolest girl at school. As one of the most recreated looks of the show, this is a bold choice for those who like to stand out from the crowd and dazzle. 

How to get the look: Start by parting your hair into half inch sections across your forehead and clip to hold. Taking each section, twist your hair until it reaches the crown of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Using a hair cream or pomade may help with holding the hair in place.

Don’t forget to add that extra volume to accentuate the bedazzled twists. If your hair is on the thin side, you can add extra fullness with hair extensions. Find your perfect match here. 

Bun with loose waves

While we’ve seen plenty of messy buns in recent years, Maddy’s take a retro glam spin to it.

How to get the look: Section your hair into three parts; front, middle and back. Tie the back section into place so it is out of the way. Taking the middle section, and brush it out so your hair lays flat before securing at the nape of your neck with a small clear elastic.

Next, take the back section and create a messy bun including the middle sections extra length. By separating the hair, you may find yourself lacking the volume needed to achieve this look.

Too much work? We recommend using a clip-in bun, made from human hair making it easy to style to your preference. Finish the look off by curling your front pieces with a 1-inch curling wand to achieve that loose wave. Optional is adding some turquoise eyeshadow, and ensuring your flip phone is fully charged.

@luxyhair Did this bun bring anyone else back to 2003? #euphoria #alexademie #luxyhair #y2kstyle #y2kaesthetic #hairtok ♬ Forever - Labrinth

Zig Zag New Years Eve


If you haven’t started season 2 yet, you’ve probably already seen this hairstyle all over your FYP on TikTok. Maddy’s sharp winged eyeliner is paired with waist length hair and held in place with a beloved favourite: a zig-zag hairband. If you don’t already have extra long hair, and you want to recreate this look, we recommend using either a halo hair extension® or classic clip-in extensions.

How to get the look: To achieve this look, style your hair straight and ensure your hair extensions follow suit. We recommend styling your extensions before installing them to avoid tugging and pulling on your natural hair. Add some volume to the crown of your head by teasing your root with a hair extensions brush followed by hairspray for hold. To complete the look, add a zig-zag hair band in a colour closest to your hair shade. 

@luxyhair Have you started watching season 2 yet? 👀 #euphoria #alexademie #luxyhair #euphoriahair ♬ Formula - Labrinth

Cassie’s Euphoria Hair Looks

Beach Waves


@luxyhair Have you watched episode 3 yet? #luxyhair #hairtok #euphoria #cassiehoward #cassieeuphoria #sydneysweeney ♬ Formula - Labrinth

No spoilers ahead, however Cassie’s beach wave curls are starting to become her signature look. You can also try variations of this look by incorporating hair clips or baby braids. 

How to get the look: Section your hair into 1 inch sections curling each piece in alternating directions. This helps add texture and movement to the final look. Run your fingers through the hair to create a tousled look, and set with hairspray. Next, take two pieces on either side of your middle part and braid, either securing with small clear elastic bands, or spray some hairspray into your hand and run your fingers over the braids to ensure hold. 


Bubble Braid Ponytail


In the second season, Cassie’s hair changes by the day, and although she wasn’t quite satisfied with every style, we certainly loved seeing all of these looks.

How to get the look: To achieve this bubble braid ponytail, start by brushing your hair back into a ponytail, leaving some front face framing pieces out. If your natural ponytail doesn’t have the volume you’re looking for, we recommend installing a ponytail extension. Next, take small clear elastics and individually secure and “fluff” each section, or bubble rather, of the ponytail. Complete the look by using a curling wand to curl the front pieces.

@luxyhair team Cassie or Maddy 👀 #euphoria #luxyhair #hairtok #hairstylesoftheweek #materialgirl #sydneysweeney ♬ the perfect girl - nes

Cassie’s Oklahoma Costume (Or so we thought)

Although her gingham dress convinced her friends she was auditioning for the school play, Cassie’s hair achieved levels of volume we usually only see in our dreams. If you’re wondering how a teenage girl did this at home, we’ll let you in on the secret…velcro rollers!

How to get the look: Start by sectioning the pieces at the crown of your head. Apply heat to each section, followed by a large roller, rolling inwards. Repeat this process with your bangs and leave to set until cool. Next, remove the rollers to reveal extreme volume, using hairspray to hold. Take the hair above your ear, opposite the side of your bangs, and secure in two sections with a bobby pin to your head. Follow with lightly curling the bottom of your hair. Finish the look by lightly curling your bangs, and setting in place with hairspray for hold.

Jules’ Ever Changing Hair Color 

If you’re as in love with Jules as we are, you probably notice her ever changing hair. Whether it be length, colour or style, Jules is never afraid to match her hair to her outfit. However, as much as it would be nice to have a tutorial on how to grow your natural hair out overnight, we have the next best thing. Our peekaboo hair extensions make it easy to keep up with the trendsetting Jules. They are made of real human hair, so if colour coordination is your thing, and you’re wondering if you can colour your extensions, the answer is yes.

Kat’s Shoulder Length Bob 

Another fan favourite, is of course, Kat. Her shoulder length bob could be seen as bold, or timeless… or both. Never a hair out of place, Kat’s hairstyle is consistent in her life of changes, as she discovers the world,  and herself. 

How to get the look: To achieve a sleek look, use a sleeking oil after style, and ensure fly-aways are in place with hairspray or pomade. 

Gia’s Colorful Hair Accessories 

Often overlooked as Rue’s quiet and innocent younger sister, we can’t dismiss the fact that Gia’s hair looks deserve more attention. Gia usually wears her hair down or in a bun, taking time to accessorize with some cute barrettes or hair clips. Although most Euphoria characters seem to love a good hair accessory we love how Gia opts for colorful and funky options. Hair clips are not only practical but are an easy and quick way to add some everyday glamour to your overall look. 

We also see her rocking a powerful curly ponytail as she starts to find her voice and stand up for herself more.

How to get the look: Use a strong hair tie like one of our Gravity Defying Hair elastics and a wide tooth comb to create a high sleek ponytail. Use a few drops of hair oil for some added shine to your pony.


Lexi’s New Year’s Eve Heidi Braid 

Another sister we find ourselves rooting for is Lexi. Her timeless innocence, yet eagerness to be involved, makes her all that more loveable. Straying from her usual hairstyles which vary from an effortless wave, to a polished bun, Lexi opted for a romantic Heidi braid on New Year's Eve.

How to get the look: Section your hair into four parts, with two on each side of your head. Start by braiding the back two sections and securing them with clear elastic bands.

Next, style the front two sections into your desired bun, followed by securing the braids around the crown of your head with bobby pins and hiding the ends under one another. Complete the look by curling front face framing pieces, and set with hairspray.

Which of these Euphoria hair looks are your favorite? 

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